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Best for girls

The sheer power of an all-girls’ education produces bold, composed and accomplished young women who are prepared to explore every opportunity available to them and succeed in a rapidly changing and highly competitive world.

Some of the many benefits of a girls’ education include…

  • More opportunities to lead – Our girls are leaders and every position of responsibility is filled by a girl. They have a voice, grow in confidence, take risks and inspire others.
  • More opportunities to achieve – Girls study academic subjects which have traditionally been the preserve of boys, such as physics, technology, engineering, computing, robotics and maths.
  • More opportunities to progress – We deliver girl-centred learning strategies, based on years of experience and drawing upon the best and latest research so students have what they need to flourish.
  • More opportunities to mix – Students enjoy the best of both worlds. We work with other schools including QEH, our nearby boys’ school, and hold regular academic, social and extra-curricular events together
  • More opportunities to explore and enjoy – Our students are free to be themselves and be happy. They compete in sports at the highest level, pursue their talents in the creative and performing arts, and develop deep interests and love of learning.
  • More opportunities to connect – Girls are networked into a rich community of successful alumnae and professionals who support them in the world of work and social engagement.

As the two leading girls’ day schools in the region, we look forward to working together to develop the ability of girls from different backgrounds and cultures to fulfil their true potential.


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