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Careers Day for Year 10 from Westbury and Redland

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Yesterday, girls in Year 10 at the Westbury site visited Year 10 at the Redland site for a Careers Day. Andrew and Jonathon from Inside Knowledge, an organisation that provides interactive skills based workshops for schools, spent the day working with our girls to improve their communication and team working abilities in preparation for future careers.

The girls participated in workshops where they learnt the importance of how you present yourself. The words you choose, the way you project your voice and how you position your body are all elements that give people an immediate impression about your professionalism and confidence. They received tips on how to be more engaging and the most effective ways to work successfully in a group.

The girls from Westbury and Redland worked together in groups to put into practise the skills they had learned and gave positive and well delivered presentations at the end of the day. It was a very valuable session for everyone and we are sure that the skills worked on will prove useful to the girls as they head into Year 11.


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