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Year 9 Careers Day

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“At the end of January, the girls in Year 9 at the Westbury site and the Redland site joined together for a Careers Day. It was exciting to work together for the whole day and to have staff from both sites working together with us.

“In the morning we heard more about our possible choices for GCSEs and were given some useful information on which ones to pick. We were quite excited by some of the brand new subjects, such as Business Studies and Dance.

“The day progressed with each of us completing a test to show our personality and learning characteristics. The information from this was used to put us into work groups of people with a similar approach. This began the main part of the day.

“Later on we were given the task of creating a new app. We had to state why this app was needed and what kind of person it would appeal to. The apps ranged from food apps to apps that help you revise for your GCSEs.

“The day ended with awards being given out to the three groups. This was a very enjoyable day. We all thought hard about our GCSE options and got to know each other better. People who were feeling a bit shy at the beginning of the day were much more relaxed by the time we said goodbye. We are looking forward to the next things we do together.”

Report by Ellen and Gina, Year 9, Redland site.

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